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Sunday, March 4, 2012

March photo a day challenge {Days 1-4} + Weekly moments

I can’t believe March is already here! 2012 is rolling right along. I’ve really enjoyed the photo a day challenge and hope you have as well. It definitely gives me something to keep me on my toes and think creatively. Here we go!
002     004 
         1}Up~my chandelier                                 2}Fruit~lunchtime
3}My neighborhood~I picked these pretty flowers this morning from the jardin. They added a nice ambiance to Sunday breakfast. I’ll share that later!

4}Bedside~This is usually what I’m greeted to in the morning. Crying. Things crashing to the floor one at a time. “OHHH. You’re up?! Well I am feeling a bit famished. Breakfast please!!”
I’m linking up to Story of My Life for todays Best of Instagram Week. Thought I’d share a few of my fav moments of the week below:)
Last Sunday I packed up the car with Bennet and fam and we climbed Kennesaw Mountain. It was a beautiful day and an enjoyable time. Bennet loved it and we were all pooped afterwards. 059
I’ve been helping this little dude with physical therapy at work. He has improved so much in just a few short weeks. He actually flipped to his tummy on his own this week!! We are all so proud:)
010 (2)

Friday was a crazy day and while I was babysitting there was a severe storm and tornado warning. The girls were anxious {possibly more anxious about what was on my dinner plate, at least to start with} and despite having a tornado scare, bringing a sleeping child downstairs, and preparing to jump into a closet the storm really didn’t hit us and we were just fine. A bit of a tense night but all is well!

{We were right between Dallas and Marietta. Dallas was hit pretty bad by severe storms}
Saturday was a fun day. Mom and I had a spa day! Before we hit up the pampering we lunched at Theo’s Brother’s Bakery where we had Potato Leek soup, Broccoli salad, and a yummy French Dip sandwich. Yummm.
I meant to take a picture of this before, isn’t this display adorable? The OPI Holland Collection. I love my shade, Kiss Me on My Tulips, and mom has gotten lots of compliments on hers, Red lights ahead…where? Got a pedicure after my facial. My tootsies are lookin’ good.
After we pampered we lounged. I rented an oldie but goodie, Curley Sue. I loved it as a kid and mom didn’t remember it. A young Steve Carell makes a brief appearance. And anyone familiar with John Hughes films will see some familiar faces. Watching them hang out at the movie theater made me hungry for popcorn. Bennet is disappointed the bowl wasn’t bottomless.
This morning I picked some pretty flowers and had a lovely breakfast of French toast and fruit. I’ll share more on that tomorrow.
Today while doing some photo organizing and a little editing I repainted my nails in Kiss Me on My Tulips. Yay!

Well it’s been a busy week! I hope there will be lots more fun stuff this week and throughout the month of March!
What did you do last week? Any fun plans this week? Do share!!
Have a bright day!
Bright Girl

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