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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day of Firsts

Pheeeeww! This has been a crazy busy week. I've had something to do almost everyday and I can't express how glad I am that Sunday finally arrived.
Well I suppose I'll share part of my week today. On Monday I volunteered for the Atlanta History Center at the Margaret Mitchell House. It was quite an adventure! I helped chaperone a group of campers on a field trip. Jane came along for the ride...

Photo opportunity in the MMH gift shop.

We ventured onto Marta for the very first time. I've traveled a lot via train but never in the city in which I live.

We went to Chandler Park. First time I've ever been. It was a pleasant experience walking through the old neighborhood and seeing so many cute little bungalows. Some day I'd like to live in an old house like those. Until then a girl can dream. For the first time since I was probably 10 years old I got to swing in a swing!! Jane even got in on that action.

Thank you Margaret Mitchell House for a pleasant morning! Fittingly it was a writing camp(Jane's quill is at the ready) and Jane and I hope the kids had a fantastic time at camp!
Dun Dun Dun

After leaving the house I had a nice lunch at Souper Jenny, one of my fav places because it's fun and just plain good.  I sat and read a book my mother got me for Easter "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane." The book is about a china doll rabbit who has feelings and thoughts but, as he's a doll, cannot move or speak.  He gets seperated from his original owner and goes on many adventures with different people learning that he didn't appreciate his original owner and share his heart until she was gone. He learns to love along the way and you'll have to read it yourself to learn what becomes of Edward Tulane.
Ironically, and tragically, I didn't realize until after I'd finished the book and left that Jane's quill, which is present in the picture before we left MMH, is missing!
I was frantic and felt so guilty after reading this book about Edward I didn't know what to do.
Happily the next day I found her slightly less than perfect quill wedged in between my passenger carseat. They have been reunited and I don't plan on taking her quill on future adventures. She'd be so upset and I'd never know where it was while she probably would. Read the book.

Whilst shopping for bargains on the way home Jane ran into St. Francis of Assisi. It reminded me of days in Italy. I visited Assisi which is a lovely city. I visited St. Francis' tomb while there and it was so interesting. It basically takes up the entire bottom floor of the cathedral.

St. Francis Roses growing along the pathway to the cathedral.

"My sisters the birds, you are much obliged to God your creator, and always and in every place you ought to praise him, because he has given you liberty to fly wherever you will and has clothed you with twofold and threefold raiment. Moreover, he preserved your seed in Noah's ark that your race might not be destroyed. Again, you are obliged to him for the element of air which he has appointed for you. Furthermore, you sow not neither do you reap, yet God feeds you and gives you rivers and fountains from which to drink. He gives you mountains and valleys for your refuge, and high trees in which to build your nests. And, since you know neither how to sew nor to spin, God clothes you and your little ones; so clearly your Creator loves you, seeing that he gives you so many benefits. Guard yourselves, therefore, you sisters the birds, from the sin of ingratitude, and be ever mindful to give praise to God." St. Francis Sermon to the Birds
I hope you all have a nice week and keep checking in for new adventures!
Have a bright day!
b. girl