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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jane’s day out at the Georgia Aquarium

Yesterday Traveling Jane Austen made a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Turns out it was the 6 year anniversary of my last trip in 2006. We had a fun day with the kiddos and took some fun pictures. Enjoy!
The roses are in full bloom! So pretty!
Our entourage. The kids had such a great time!
Whale shark at 12 o’clock! They are huge!
Yikes! I don’t like sharks.
Jane is checking out the dessert table. Cute cupcakes!
Photo Op!
Checking out the gift shop. Cute plush whale sharks.
Bye guys!

Have a bright day!
Bright girl + Jane

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April photo a day challenge: Days 20-24

Catching up here!
Day 20} Something you drew~My art project with the kids this week for Earth Day. Recycled garden, so cute!
20} something you drew
Day 21} Bottle(cap)~I didn’t drink those in case you were wondering.
21} bottle(cap)
Day 22} Last thing you bought~I went on a china collecting rampage this weekend. Found some beautiful things to add to my collection and can’t wait for them to arrive! Unfortunately most of the things I like are expensive and/or hard to find (this girl has great taste). This Tuscan English Bird of Paradise pattern is impossible to find, mine is pink but when I saw the green I had to buy it even if it is a different color. I started collecting a few years ago after a round about purchase of vintage Cunard menus via my vintage trunk research. (Hopefully I’ll write about that soon, it’s actually a very interesting story).
Once my pieces come I’ll definitely be sharing pictures!
22} Last thing you bought-Tuscan English Bird of Paradise
Here are some of my plates on display
Day 23} Vegetable~Stir fry dinner
23} Vegetable

Day 24} Something I’m grateful for~On nights like the ones we’ve had lately here in Georgia I’m grateful for bed warmers that never cool down and are always up for a snuggle. In fact I’m holding this one right now as I type.
Well tomorrow is field trip day to the aquarium! It should be interesting for sure. Ready for my long weekend to start, just two more days and I’ll be B&B boundSmile  Here is hoping the weather warms up a little by Friday!
Have a bright night! Pull out your own bed warmers and get snuggled upSmile
Bright Girl

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April photo a day {Days 9-19}+April Scott Antique Market+The Nut Tree

Day 9} Younger You~ Look at my coordination and accessorizing skills people! I wish I still had that awesome The Little Mermaid ensemble. Plus gotta love the ‘go to’ frilly socks and patent leather Mary Janes. No outfit was complete without that duet.
9} younger you
Day 10} Cold~Ice cold tea as soon as I get home. Yes please!
10} cold
Day 11} Where I ate breakfast~It’s hard getting out of bed in the morning. So I always have breakfast in bed.
11} where you ate breakfast
Day 12} Stairs~Dangerous to newcomers, the top one is shorter than all the rest.
12} stairs
Day 13} Something you found~Found one of my books at work today, got stashed with some others accidentally. Also got my coupons for Scott Antique Market! Super excited to hit it up.
13} something you found
Day 14} How you feel today~Cute and feminine. Also a bit doppelgängerish{Katharine McPhee is my celeb twin}. Curled my hair and got dressed up for a baby shower.
14} how you feel today149

Day 15} Sunset~I’ve been forgetting to do this one, plus it’s been overcast lately. Sun setting through the trees.
15} sunset
Day 16} Flower~There are lots of flowers in bloom here right now. These roses are so sweet.
16} flower
Day 17} Something you hate~It’s that time of the month. Bill paying time.
17} something you don't like
Day 18} Hair~Cookie Dough has appeared for a bit of a snoozle.
18} hair2
Day 19} Orange~Pumpkin is also interested in snoozling.
18} hair
Scott Antique Market April 2012
I haven’t been to Scott’s in several months. I can’t always buy things and definitely can’t spend big bucks when I go but it’s fun to look and get inspiration..and get some great Greek food! Jane came this time, hopefully she’ll be out and about again soon:)
We found these beautiful antique Spode sandwich plates and talked with the dealer about traveling through the English countryside. I think it’s time to start planning another trip soon! These plates have lovely colors, they will look beautiful on the wall of a room, not sure what room yet but they are very inspirational. Sometimes it just takes one small thing to bring on the ideas.

Jane found some kindred spirits. Vintage dolls and doll busts. How fun!

Jane is doing some antique shopping as well. Getting ready for a home makeover?
I found this awesome vintage French match lighter for cheap. Love the colors and advertising. It reminded me of this one {below} at Blue Talon in Williamsburg, Virginia that I loved when we went in August.
Lunch time! The Greek food here is awesome and we always get our lunch on here!
Desserts galore! Jane doesn’t know what to choose!
So many choices!
We settled on Spanakopita, tabouleh, and Carolina Caviar. Plus Baklava.
Look good? It was!

Okay this last item really takes the cake. I’m starting to collect charms for my charm bracelet again and as we were going through aisles of knick knacks and boxes and boxes of costume jewelry I remembered to look at charms. As I was looking through tiny boxes the sales lady grabbed Ziploc baggies full of more charms and dumped them out for me to look through. I filtered through them as my mom was looking at vintage cuff links and I had to do a double take when I found this one.
The Nut Tree was a big part of my childhood and of many other children and families in the bay area of California for the later half of the 20th century. The history of The Nut Tree is actually very interesting and nostalgic. Fun fact: They catered to Queen Elizabeth in the 1980’s. I was shocked to find this charm in a Ziploc bag at a stand with hundreds of other ‘do da's, 3000 miles away, and several decades past it’s height of popularity. I imagine this charm is from the 1960’s. Memories!
Homage to The Nut Tree’s colorful dĂ©cor here. I remember those colors and designs well. Looking back it’s still cool and regaining popularity with shows like one of my favorites, Mad Men.

Nut Tree Dining Room, Vacaville, California
Sadly The Nut Tree is no longer. It was sold, demolished, and remade into a mega shopping center. The train and some of the kiddy park have been repurposed at the old location but the glamour of the park at it’s height, like the restaurant pictured above, are long gone.
We can relive the memories through pictures and pop culture like old movies and, of course, Mad Men.
Does anyone else have memories of The Nut Tree?
Who else is participating in April photo a day challenge? #photoadayapril
Have a bright day!
Bright Girl