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Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Redo~Quick and easy refabulizing

This weekend has flown by but luckily I’ve gotten a lot done! I love redecorating or reorganizing things..and tend to do it semi frequently. I’ve been in the mood for a change and doing some sprucing up so this weekend I made a few very easy changes.
First off thanks to Lulu DK’s blog post about color coordinating! I was inspired by her NYC apartment’s library wall of color coordinated books. A great way to change things up for zero dollars. I don’t have as many books as she does but I enjoy collecting and am continuing to get through my other smaller stack of to-read books. They have been staring me down for a while now.
Here’s what I did!
After~Halfway there


The next day I picked up a chair I had recovered. I bought this barley twist chair in Asheville a few years ago at an antiques shop with the obvious intention of recovering it. It had horrible satiny pastel floral fabric on it. So I only took a black and white photo.
Now it looks nice and fresh with blue velvet fabric{which I got for free thanks to maman. Gotta love the perks of working in the design industry}.
And finally today I repainted my closet!! Sorry if I’m too enthusiastic for you about this but I’m in love with my nice fresh closet now. I spend so much time looking at it in the morning, at night, and a lot of time in between because my doors are usually open. It definitely hasn’t been repainted since the house was built and it has gotten dingy and marked up over 30 plus years. So today I pulled some paint out of the garage, gutted my closet, and went to work.
Before: Gag!

For a little something pretty to look at I added some artwork I’ve been holding onto. I bought these old bird prints at the Apple Festival a few months ago{Shout out to Lily Girl! We need to go on another adventure soon}. Also added these vintage French award plaques. Since I spend so much time in the closet and have the doors open so much  I thought I should add something decorative and since I already owned them why not?
I hope these ideas have inspired you to do some spring cleaning of your own. How do you plan to do some spring cleaning and sprucing up?
Have a bright day!
Bright Girl

Friday, January 27, 2012

Late Night Redo

So the other night I got into one of my cleaning/organizing kicks. It’s been a while since I had the energy and drive to get things done but I’m glad I had a boost. Now I’m motivated to do more. I’ve been going through my pictures and posts from last year and I’m feeling like I need to do more fun things again even if it’s just for me. It’s already time to be thinking ahead to the coming months and holidays {Valentines Day Hooray!} because they will be here before I know it and I want to be on top of things and ahead of schedule. This past Christmas went by too fast and because of my crazy hectic work schedule I didn’t really get to enjoy it. I didn’t even put up a tree or decorate. I wouldn’t have been home to enjoy much of anything anyways.
Long story short, my schedule is much different now. I have the weekends off (first time in years and years such a thing has happened) and I’m usually home 2 hours before I would have been on my old schedule. Not sure what to do with myself so I’m thinking I need to regain my creative side, blog more, go on more adventures, etc. If only I had more money to do some of these things, oh well. I can live vicariously through pictures and share with you guys. I can at least take a look at my to do list that has been sitting idle for a while. I’ve been doing some blog browsing tonight and there are some really great blogs out there inspiring me to do more.
So. When I was doing my main clean out the other night I found these pictures in my attic space which I probably put there a year and a half ago and honestly totally forgot about. I’m glad I pulled them out though because they are now adorning my wall above my desk which was blank before. Most, if not all, of the frames in my room are gold so these pull from the other parts of the room.
My living spaces are filled with items from my travels and various collections. The top painting I bought on the streets of Paris. Framed vintage Valentines and postcards. Laduree macaron box. Vintage French award placards. Handmade Valentine box from Pink Girl. My mothers childhood piggy bank and one of her old cameras. And who could forget, Jane. Plus a framed picture of her home Chawton Cottage which my mom gave me as a birthday card while we were there.

Old pictures but very pretty to look at. My mannequin, which a previous coworker pulled out of a dumpster for me years ago{gotta love free}! Postcards and such from travels and friends. Bought that ballet postcard in Montepulciano, Italy.
What are some of your favorite things to decorate with? Do you have collections that tie your living spaces together? I love design and organizing tips and suggestions. Please share!
Have a Bright Day!
Bright Girl

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Whites

Hello Everyone,
So I’m getting into the routine and weekly schedule of the new job which means, at least hopefully, I’ll be getting more time in the evening to get things done…like for example, work on this blog! I’ve gotten a lot done in the last few days such as, unfortunately but fortunately, get a new phone. I’m now connected to the world on a phone with data which makes me sound like an old lady but hey I got there eventually. Definitely not excited about doubling my phone bill in the process but oh well. I’ve been reorganizing, cleaning out, decorating, redecorating, and getting overall spruced up. I’ll have things to share this week:)
In the meantime I’ve been wanting to share these pictures. We potted some Paper whites a few weeks ago and I wanted to share the progress they have made. Paper whites are always lovely at Christmas time and during the winter months they add something cheerful and fragrant to your home.


I spied a little lady bug who wanted to be photographed. Why hello there!
Do you grow Paper whites during the winter holidays or just pot indoors for something fresh?
Have a Bright Day!
Bright Girl

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Chocolat Chaud Kind of Night

Snuggled up for the night with some delicious Angelina hot chocolate and homemade pink marshmallows thanks to Pink Girl! It’s delicious! Dreaming I’m in Paris tonight. Ooh la la. Also reminds me of my summer in Italy hanging out at Caffe Poliziano. *Sigh*
What do you like snuggle up with on a rainy evening? Do tell!
Have a bright night!
Bright Girlw

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Christmas 2011

Well the holidays are over and it’s time to start a fresh new year! Before I start working on 2012 projects I wanted to share the last of Christmas 2011. I’ll definitely be keeping up more with my blog now that my schedule is 100 times better PLUS I’m off all this week so there will definitely be baking, cooking, and other various projects going on to share. I’ve already planned the menus and have chocolate gingerbread cookie dough in the refrigerator ready  to bake tonight. Although…I’ve gotten sucked into Persuasion tonight on PBS and it’s the premiere night for Once Upon a Time AND Downton Abbey Season 2. So my schedule is pretty tight, haha.
We stayed very low key this holiday with just a few friends and family. Just staying in and spending time together was fun and relaxing. We had a delicious dinner of Beef Wellington, holiday crackers, and good times.
Christmas Crackers! Always a crowd pleaser. We were all dubbed royal with our paper crowns and enjoyed our toys and treats.

Stella and Pumpkin actually have really enjoyed playing with my little cars. Here they are adorning my menagerie of dessert. Fruit tart from Douceur de France, Chocolate peppermint cake from Piece of Cake, and Pink Girl’s homemade pumpkin pie:)

Pink Girl always wraps the prettiest presents! Look how lovely these packages are! I got this lovely pink tree too. Time to start planning next years decorations.116

Here are our Christmas Day pictures! Stella and Bennet’s first Christmasw
Here is what Santa brought little Stella! She loves her mouse Remy from Moulin Roty. So adorable!
038This fortune is SOOO Stella. Perfection.

042…aaaannnd there she goes. Trouble City!!
Bennet’s First Stocking. He is SO excited!
Stella is helping open the presents. ‘oooh. sparkly!’
Sitting by the fire watching a Jane Austen marathon on Christmas Day with a napping baby cat. Sounds like a great day to me!
Did I mention this cat is trouble?

Here’s hoping your holiday season was wonderful. Bring on the new year!
Have a bright day!
wBright Girl

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011~A Year in Review

Hey guys,
So sorry for the silence lately. Things have been crazy with me lately. I’ve been working in overdrive with my hours at work plus a long commute everyday for several months. A few weeks ago I lucked out and was offered a new position that will be much better for my schedule and sanity. I’ve been off a few days and catching up on some zzz’s, organizing, cleaning, and putting up Christmas at Gap in the Hedge. The furry children are driving me nuts but I’ll be sad to head back to reality tomorrow. But hey, four day work week!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I’ll share some pictures from our holiday soon, I promise. I just thought I’d take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful 2012. I am SOO ready to get this new year started. 2011 wasn’t super great for me but there were a few highlights that are worth mentioning.
January 15, 2011~Mr. Bennet comes home. Here is is having a moment with his new mommy on his first night and then wearing a costume for school. Bennet is nicely settled in to his forever home and loves his feline brothers and sisters. He’s rolling around on the floor right now chasing his tail.
February 2, 2011~I started this blog! I honestly can’t believe it’s been almost a year since All Things Bright and Beautiful was created. It’s also feels like much longer in some ways but there is still so much to share. I’m hopeful that 2012 will offer even more great stories to tell. If you’re up for an adventure let me know. Onward!
June 8, 2011~Josh comes “Straight to You!” After several years Josh Groban finally went back on tour with his latest album Illuminations. It’s been too long my adorable friend. Too long. Thank you for brightening my 2011! And do come back soon!
August 2011~Road trip to Virginia! I’ve been wanting to visit Virginia for such a long time and finally got to go this year. Even though it was scorching hot we had fun and I can’t wait for another road trip.

October 9, 2011~Stellaluna comes home. We had absolutely no intention of adopting any more animals. Fortunately for Stella we were in the right place at the right time for her. Abandoned and a bit injured she tugged at our heartstrings as we knew she wouldn’t last long with all the other wild creatures around. We were hoping to adopt her out but when no one stepped forward we made some extra room for her. She is the craziest and wildest of the bunch here at Gap in the Hedge but she’s a keeper. Plus Pumpkin loves to snuggle with her even though she frequently plays too rough for his taste. Happy Birthday Mom!

October 2011~Got to be a movie extra! It was pretty crazy and unexpected but I enjoyed it and am excited to hit the theaters next fall.
December 25, 2011~Bennet and Stella’s First Christmas. We had a nice little Christmas here at home. Good food, treats, and snuggling in pj’s all day.

Lil’ bit with her new mouse Remy.

Here’s hoping 2012 has twice the great moments that 2011 offered. I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year!
Have a bright new year!
Bright Girl