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Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Happenings~holiday decorating, gifting, baking, & crafting galore.

Hello Hello,
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is enjoying getting into the holiday spirit. I’ve been so busy working around the house and organizing things I haven’t had time to post anything in a few weeks. Maybe it’s because last year I was working so much that I’m really trying to be festive this year. Last year I worked everyday except Christmas day and didn’t even put up a tree. This year I bought my first live tree just for me. My to-do list isn’t seeming to get any shorter but I’ve gotten so much other stuff done, it’s been a busy holiday season already. What about ya’ll? Have you gotten your decorations up? Shopping done? Wrapping completed? I love getting things checked off my list and my gift closet cleaned out! 
Holiday baking has commenced! I made some yummy apple pie and got cracking on my holiday cookie baking. I love cookie cutters:)
Some of my annual pepparkakor cookies. I’ve decided to indulge my Swedish side and make Swedish gingerbread every Christmas from now on. So yummy and such great presents!
Ready to decorate the bird tree with these vintage flashcards I snagged at Country Living Fair 2012.
Country Kitchen Tree
Redecorated the hutch for Christmas! Santa collection.
I pulled out all the holiday china we’ve been collecting over the years and put it out to use everyday and for the holidays. This has become a holiday dessert/coffee bar.
Pulled out all the Christmas and found our collection of Santa pictures. Poor Santa!
I bought these vintage flashcards at the Country Living fair also. Just too cute to pass up…
..and it’s so true. Instead of a kid friendly room mine has to be kitty friendly. Pumpkin snooped out the Christmas presents early. He knows it’s for him and doesn’t feel much like waiting until Christmas morning.
Uh oh. Baby has caught on too.
Stella has discovered she loves gift wrapping. Or rather finding a nice hiding spot from whence to pounce upon you.
I love my glitter chapels! These white and blue trees are perfect for my room too. Wish I could find more of them.

Ornaments I bought in Venice while studying abroad a few years ago. So pretty! Felt birds from Star Provisions & Marie Antoinette paper emellishments from Pink Girl.
209     212
Getting crafty! I found this adorable and easy peasy felt mouse ornament/gift topper from Between Naps on the Porch. I added bubble paint for eyes on mine later on. They are so adorable!
Below: Work in progress. I’ve been working all year with the kiddos at the office to make calendar artwork for end of the year presents. They have turned out so cute, I can’t wait for their parents to see them! I’ll post later the full project and images. Be sure to check out my Pinterest page for more ideas like this!
Presents for my kiddos have arrived! Can’t wait for them to play with their toys;)
I spent all day Thanksgiving cleaning out the attic, literally emptied it, half of it was Christmas anyways and needed to be cleaned/sorted/tossed and in the process I discovered stink bugs invaded and were in everything. So naturally I emptied every box into the back yard, shop vacuumed the attic out, and reorganized all the shelving and craft items. Finally finished putting things back into the attic yesterday. I was very glad I got to sit down to this tasty turkey dinner. Thanks mom!
So I convinced my mom to go Christmas shopping with me on Black Friday this year. She was reluctant but I did it for the first time last year and it really is not that bad if you know what you’re looking for and aren’t one of the crazies hanging out at Target at midnight the night before or camping out for the one TV that’s half priced. Sorry, not my thing. We actually had a fun day, got lots of things checked off our list, and we beat all the crowds everywhere we went. By the time we finished up and headed home we had been up and shopping for 12 hours and I started crashing and burning. By the time we got home I was so sick, I caught a cold! Booo! But we did have fun, here’s some of the highlights.
Headed to Anthropologie first, we were basically alone the entire time we were there. Sweet!
Snagged some super cute gifts and an adorable sweater for a steal.
Image via Pinterest
I love this Souvenir vase! The blue and white delft version is my favorite, maybe I’ll save up enough to get one. Or maybe they’ll go on sale!? Fingers crossed!
Miniature winter wonderland:)
Very pretty stemware!
We headed off to Lenox afterwards and did more damage. C Wonder has so many cute things! Love those bikes!
Finally got myself a tree. A live tree! It’s so pretty and smells so good. I wish I could have gotten that giant tree but I settled for a more reasonable 6 footer.
229     232
Time to pull out the Barbie extravaganza of ornaments. Barbie tree 2012 is ready to commence!
Aww. I forgot I made these. Cookie Dough, Willow Snow, & Thackery Binx. This was pre Pumpkin & Stella. Maybe someday I’ll make them one.
{Let them eat cake!}


Well after all this decorating, cleaning, organizing, baking, crafting, and so on…we’re pooped.

What have you been doing to prepare for the holidays? Any fun plans for the upcoming weekends?

Have a bright day!
Chelsea aka Bright Girl

Friday, November 16, 2012

Country Living Fair Atlanta ~ 2012

Country Living Fair arrived at Stone Mountain Park again the last weekend of October and we headed off for a girls day. Anyone else go? Because if you did you’d know it was a freezing cold, drizzly day. It was so cold I had to pull my quilted jackets and gloves out of storage. Last year at Country Living Fair I remember being hot, pretty warm at the least. The first really cold day of the season and of course it hit on Fair day, where we would have to be outside for several hours. Oh well, we went, found some fun things, and Jane had a great time! Here is what we saw while there!
Country Living has their own brand of chalk paint now. Anyone try this yet?
I love creamware! This is a nice little collection.
Jane found some fun vintage toys!
This made Jane a little homesick. Vintage England post card.
Super cute booth. Love the vintage tricycle. Very British!
We found a huge collection of vintage flash cards. I bought some fun ones for the holidays. Next project is turning them into ornaments for a new themed tree. Stay tuned for more on this project! Can’t wait to start!
These were so fun! Vintage travel trailers from various eras. This group of ladies travels around together to show of their cool trailers.
Pumpkins galore!
Hello there!
After a few hours we were almost frozen so we packed it in and headed off to find hot soup for lunch. It was still a fun day and I’m looking forward to decorating for the holidays even more now!
Who else went to Country Living Fair this year? Find any treasures? I’d love to hear about it!
Have a bright day!
Chelsea aka Bright Girl