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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Illustrated~Molly Brett

Several years ago just before Easter I was shopping in a store and found some chocolates with cute little illustrations of animals in the wild. I bought the candy for Easter baskets and saved the illustrated paper because it was too cute to toss. The illustrations reminded me a bit of Beatrix Potter's work and out of curiousity I looked up the artist, Molly Brett.

Molly Brett was a talented English artist and illustrator throughout the 20th century. She published dozens of children's books and weekly artictles for children. The Medici Society of London, who is credited on the back of the candy wrappers I saved, published her work almost exclusively and printed hundreds of cards and post cards with her artwork. I've seen a lot of them online and for sale and even bought a few.
I think her artwork is adorable and has a wonderful feeling of whimsy and innocence. They look especially nice out for Easter and would also be cute framed as collections for a nursery.

These postcards are from the sixties. One of them is even written to a Miss Sophie Vieillot, opening line "Gee Whiz!"
My Post Cards are Here we go gardening & Harvest Picnic

To see more of Molly Brett's artwork here you go! Enjoy

Have a bright day!
B. Girl

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