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Thursday, March 22, 2012

March photo a day + week in review

So I’ve gotten behind on my photo a day postings and going through my phone pictures I’m realizing how quickly March is passing by. My month has been really busy even though it hasn’t felt like it at the time. In fact I realized last night I forgot to pay some bills on time {eeek! I’ve never done that before!!} because I’ve been so busy and tired at the end of the day. Plus I have come down with a cold this week and have felt awful. My throat feels a little better today and I came home and did some some speed cleaning which made me feel better too. Pheeew! What a day! Well here is what I’ve been up to this week.
16}sunglasses~I love my prescription Ralph Lauren shades. Classic. Ready for an afternoon of bubble blowing and pinwheel spinning at the park with the kiddos.
17}Green~Earrings made from broken bits of vintage Belleek Shamrock china. So adorable and handmade:)
This is what I was greeted by at the front step. A bit of clover!

18}A corner of your home~If you’re having a not so great day just say “Let them eat cake!”
18}corner of your home
19}Funny~This lil bit put on her smock for finger painting and it was a tad large. Hilarious!
20}Before/After~Baby turned 6 this week!!
Before~I can’t believe he used to be this small. He was a fat newborn:}
After~6 years later he still loves hanging around. Look at that belly! He is now over 20 pounds and still the biggest baby of the bunch.
21}Delicious~I was inspired by Real Simple this week and did some cooking! Made this pasta, so easy. Fettuccini, tomato basil sauce, fresh tomato and torn basil, parmesan cheese, ground turkey, and fresh mozzarella. Delizioso!

22}Kitchen Sink~The sun is setting in these neck of the woods. Time for some supper and 30 Rock!
22}kitchen sink
I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday! Ready to do some catching up and R&R around here.
Have a bright day!
Bright Girl

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