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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Birthday Weekend!

I’m not really sure where the time has gone over the last couple of weeks, I can’t believe we’re already two weeks into August!

Who has been watching the London Olympics? I’ve seen a few things, really enjoyed swimming, diving, gymnastics, and volleyball. This is probably the one time I’ll actually watch sports, mmm, maybe ever. There are few sports I can stand but those are a few of the ones I’ll watch. Doesn’t hurt that the U.S. men’s volleyball team has some very good looking gentlemen on it;)

I wish I was in London right now! I totally forgot until this morning that I had this vintage Cunard menu tucked away. I love the illustrations! Entitled “Londoners” it is the cover for the menu for August 16, 1964. It’s almost exactly 48 years old! Definitely need to start planning a abroad trip soon, maybe next year?







So my 27th birthday was a few weeks ago. I spent the weekend catching up with friends and having a good time doing so. I went vintage for my birthday ensemble.



Lily Girl and I toured the Atlanta Food Truck Park, I’m so sad that the gelato truck was closed when we went back for dessert! Must make a note to go back soon! So instead we settled for cupcakes. Yum!





Bobble head poodle anyone?






We fell in love with those dishes! Wouldn’t these be so much fun for a party!



JCT bar for drinks with the girls! I just now realized how many people were watching us. Little creeped out.



Nice view of the city while walking around.



Peaches & Herb Sidecar. Just found out August is national peach month! So you should go give this a try.



While we were hanging out at JCT fireworks went off downtown!



Clearly they were for my birthday;)



The morning of my birthday I found all these eggs from the finches! They wanted to give me a present too:}



Bonne Maman made me delicious dinner, Gorgonzola Chicken & Veggie Couscous. Scrumptious.






Sported one of my presents from Lily Girl the other day, adorable bejeweled hair clip from Anthropologie.



When we went antiquing a few weeks ago mom and I spied this vintage glove display, so cute right! She bought it for my birthday and it’s holding my cards and some of my vintage postcards. Thanks love!





Next weekend is girls getaway weekend. Location still undecided. But looking forward to a few days away.

Also I have Instagram now! Follow me at brightgirl22!

Have a bright day!

Bright Girl