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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March photo a day challenge {Days 11-14} + Week in Review

March is rolling along! It has gone from chilly days, to storms, to 80 degrees today! Woah woah woah! Can we please have some springtime please?!
Here are my days 11-14 of my #marchphotoaday challenge pics!
Day 11}Someone you talked to today-Didn’t do much talking to human beings on the 11th. But Stella had lots to say…with her eyes at least. “Food???”
Day 12}Fork-Funnily enough I came across this article about the “Forking” diet in Marie Claire the other day. I don’t quite get it, I’m pretty sure I could eat anything with a fork given enough time and ingenuity. Plus I’m not sure gummy bears are exactly what they were shooting for here.
Anyways I came home and made this yummy meal. Homemade citrusy slaw, roasted red potatoes, and bbq pork chops. Put a fork in it!
Day 13}A Sign-Old School. Next year will be 10 years. Woah.
Day 14}Clouds. Pretty clouds after a rainstorm.

The other day I met with friends at one of my favorite places in Atlanta, Souper Jenny, for grilled cheese night! I had some delicious Matzo Ball soup + grilled frommage. Sadly I left Jane at home but she’ll definitely be coming along for the next adventure. Here is what Jane & I were up to around this time last year, enjoying the springtime weather! It’s no coincidence Jenny’s address is my favorite number. We were meant to find one another;)
025 (2)
We also hit up Camicakes on Peachtree for pre-dinner dessert. Hey sometimes it’s just right! Also quickly becoming a tradition. Red Velvet. Black & White, and Banana Cream.
024 (3)

We are learning about the color green and St. Patrick’s Day this week! Shamrock smoothies/Superhero juice was on the menu.
Checking out the beautiful domed window at work while enjoying the fountain with a petit bebe.
Well it’s hump day people!! Here is hoping the rest of the week goes smoothly.
Have a bright day!
Bright Girl

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