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Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello World

So I feel like I need to start over here a bit. I started my blog a few years ago and wrote a lot of fun things about travel, cooking, decorating, local events, etc. And then 2 years ago I went on this journey called, “Buying my first house.” It was a turbulent time and after the stress of closing, which I’ve blocked out of my memory for the most part, I spent several months fixing up my new/old house. I was here every night after work for weeks patching, scraping, painting every inch… myself. Seven months later I got a stove. A year and a half later I upgraded my electricity so I could have heat in the winter. Long story short I’ve been preoccupied. There has always been some project to do that used up my free time and I feel bad that I’ve neglected my little blog for so long. But I’m ready to get back to work!
So a bit of reintroduction: Hi! My name is Chelsea. Despite the hard work I really love working on my house and am an avid gardener.  Gardening is therapy, you don’t have to over think things too much. If something doesn’t work, find a place that it will. I’m looking forward to my collards and onions this fall. I thrift. A lot. Being a first time homeowner means I’m on a buudg—et! But I love vintage things and enjoy the projects that require some tlc to return life to things of the past. You’ll find lots of my projects on my Instagram feed, which is on the side bar to the right. I’m a certified cat-lady. If you like cats you’ll lot my Instagram feed. I love to travel, I haven’t gotten to do a lot lately but I’ve got some great trips to share soon. I’m also planning to do a series about my visit to England a few years ago when I visited many properties used to film Jane Austen films and the homes where Jane was born, lived, and died. Stay tuned on that on. We’ll figure the rest out as we go. If you have any suggestions on things you’d like to write about, projects you’d like to hear more about, recipes you’d like me to try (possibly so you can taste test) let me know!

Much love,


In my garden today: Floss flower Ageratum