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Saturday, May 26, 2012

May photo a day challenge: Days 15-26

Alright so I had every intention of having this be days 15-20 but the week got away from me and it’s now 15-26. Enjoy!
Day 15} Love~Actually. Some of the movies I love.
15} Love

Day 16} What you’re reading~Just got this very Austensian book. A little cheesy but enjoyable because I’ve been to all the places they’re talking about. Gotta finish it up so I can get going on my book club book, “The Book Thief.”
16} What you're reading

Day 17} Snack~Trying to stock up on more healthy snacks. Almonds are super healthy and I mix mine with craisins and raisins:)
17} Snack

Day 18} Something you made~Funnily enough I made/helped make a lot of cute art this week. I do art with preschoolers at work, one of my favorite things ever! Here are some samples:)
18} Something you made  18} Something you made2
18} Something you made3   18} Something you made4
*Hand print art work for ongoing calendar project.
*Sparky the fire dog for Fire Safety Week
*Bubbly fish swimming through the sea

Day 19} A favourite place~If you want to see some of my favourite places check out my Pinterest page. I have a board for just this, “Favorite places and spaces.” I wish I was anywhere here right now. My home state!
Pinned Image

Day 20} Something you can’t live without~ Check out this posting for more things I can’t live without. Maybe you’ll see some things you never realized before you need desperately Winking smile
I guess for right now I’d have to say I can’t live without my 4 legged children.

Day 21} Where you stand~At work…it requires a lot of this everyday.

Day 22} Pink~I love the color pink! Maybelline 5th Avenue Fuchsia lipstick & OPI Kiss me on my tulips polish. Cosmopolitan on a Friday night. Yum!
pink 080

Day 23} Technology~ High Tech Robots!

Day 24} Something new~Bought new Ralph Lauren sheets. Love the pale green and floral toile.

Day 25} Unusual~I’ve never seen such a thing. This is so funny! I feel kinda bad for the cubical captives of the world. But maybe this would give them a laugh.


Day 26} 12 o’clock~ Working on this posting and Stella came upstairs crying. She needed a hug and a rub.
26} 12 o'clock

Excited about my 3 day weekend. Hoping to do some catch up on here, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Springhouse Restaurant, New things, etc. Coming atcha soon! Smile
Have a great Saturday!
Bright Girl

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