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Monday, May 14, 2012

May photo a day challenge: Days 1-14

The last two weeks have gone by really fast and I can’t believe the month is almost half over. Catching up on the Fat Mum Slim #photoadaymay challenge. I know I skipped day 7, it is really hard!
Day 1} Peace~Man

Day 2} Skyline~Looks like the wind is blowing SE in these parts.

Day 3} Something you wore today
3}Something you wore today

Day 4} Fun!~Madison in May Tour

Day 5} Bird~A duo

Day 6} You~With red lips. Oh la la.
6} You

Day 8} A smell you adore~I love Seda France French Tulip!! And this ceramic container is so pretty too. Buy one for yourself here.
8} A smell you adore8} A smell you adore 2

Day 9} Something you do everyday~Listen to this whiner. “Mother! This bowl is EMPTY!!” He makes me laugh though.
9} Something you do everyday

Day 10} A Favourite Word~ Happy Mummy’s Day! I’m pretty sure I was British in a previous life. {SEE DAY 13}

Day 11} Kitchen~On the Madison spring home and garden tour. Vintage outdoor kitchen at Bonare Hall ca. 1839. Check out more of the tour from my post the other day here.
11} Kitchen

12} Something that makes you happy~Fresh flowers from the garden. Hydrangeas are in bloom!
12} Something that makes you happy

13} Mum~Can I just say I love the word ‘mum.’ Here is mine:)
13} Mum

14} Grass~ That’s a nice backyard if you asked me. Part of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Connoisseur Tour this weekend. Check back soon to get my report! :)
14} Grass

Have a bright night!
Bright Girl

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