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Friday, February 3, 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge:Day 3~Hands

3} hands
I painted my nails last night especially for today. OPI "You're a piece of work," which I also mentioned in a previous post. Fittingly this shade is described as “A Prima Donna Pink ‘Leaning Towards Headstrong!’” One of my favorite colors.
I also remembered I had this, went through my old portfolio, and voila! My left hand.

It’s amazing how much we use our hands on a daily basis. Today’s photo reminds me of this especially working with children. The other day I was lulling a baby to sleep and started gently rubbing my fingertips on her temples. Suddenly I had a flashback of myself lying in bed as a child having my temples lightly rubbed with fingertips. I probably have not thought about that in 15 years. Isn’t it crazy how things come full circle?
Not exactly sure how tomorrow is going to go. {A Stranger??}
This should be interesting.
Have a Bright Day!
Bright Girl

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