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Monday, February 20, 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge: 15-19

Okay so I apologize, it’s been a busy week. I haven’t been spending much time on the computer and have gotten behind on blogging this week.
So here goes, photo a day challenge days 15-19.
15}Phone. So I recently got an iPhone, which has been an awesome upgrade, time saver, life saver, etc. I knew if I ever got an iPhone I would definitely want a Kate Spade case, they had a sale last week and I snagged this cute silicone cover for $17. Awesome!! I’ve had several people comment that my nails match my case. In case you were wondering my polish is the new OPI Holland Collection color Kiss Me on my Tulips. Super cute! I bought mine at Natural Body, who basically carries the entire line so check it out!

16}See above. I just got this great cardigan and striped top at the Gap. Channeling my inner French girl, oh la la!

17}Time. This is how my day is organized now. Lots of keeping up and time management.
18}Drink. Glass of iced tea in my Chelsea glass which was discovered at a relatives house a few years ago. Fittingly now mine and perfect refreshing boost to get me going on a cleaning rampage.
19}Something I hate to do. Well this was kind of hard. I did a lot of cleaning and purging today, not necessarily something I hate to do, but I did clean out the litter box, which I don’t like to do, and I finally got going on reorganizing and cleaning out my photo albums, which I was dreading because I knew it would take FOREVER!! 4 hours later I finished purging only to realize I don’t like the albums I bought. So I’ll be returning them and finding new ones. For now I have about 300 pictures that need albums but everything is organized and the rest of my pictures are fine in their current albums, just much leaner and better organized. It was fun going back in time and finding fun pictures…and others that make me grateful for time…everything gets better with time, some pictures didn’t have a chance escaping the trash bin.
Well I’m exhausted after all that organizing! Downton Abbey finale tonight was great, I’m glad things ended on a somewhat tidy note. Sad we’ll have to wait until next year for more but something to look forward to. Which reminds me Mad Men is coming back in a few weeks, HOORAY!!!
What did you guys do this weekend? Do anything fun? Go somewhere for a drink of your own? Did you have to do something you hate? Do tell!
Have a bright night!
Bright Girl

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