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Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge: Days 20-23

I hope everyone is having a great week! Tomorrow is Friday, yay! Not sure what to do this weekend, I want to do something fun!
Okay here goes #FEBphotoaday continued.
20}Handwriting~I see these everyday on my fridge. Postcards home from Paris and Montepulciano. Wonderful memories, can’t wait for a new adventure.
007 (2)005 (2)

21}A fave photo of you~I rarely get my picture taken anymore, need to do more fun stuff on my weekends off now. These are two of my favs. The first one is me 27 years ago after coming home from the hospital in my teddy tee from Aunt Patty:) The other photo is me at the Burwell wedding in Santa Barbara. What a great day, so pretty. I need a Cali fix again v. soon.
017 (2)

22}Where you work~I’ve spent many long hours in this location in this exact state working on homework, reading, researching, killing time, blogging, etc. Computerizing in bed. Where I am most nights. V. Exciting.
001 (3)
From my current location I’m watching Willow Snow rub a catnip cookie to death. Funniest 10 year old ever.
003 (3)
23}Your shoes~I love shoes. I used to hate shoes. I’m 5’9 and therefore I have big feet so it’s always been hard to find cute shoes in my size. Now that I’m adult and I’ve grown into my own sense of style it’s easier to find things I like. Today I went with a nautical theme. Talbots blood red patent loafer flats. So cute and I got them for a sickeningly good price, originally $100 I paid about $20. Blue tights from Target. Paired with a navy skirt and this Old Navy tee on top. Super cute!
014 (2)

Well tomorrow is another day. What is everyone doing over the weekend?
Happy Friday! Make it bright!
Bright Girl

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