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Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Redo~Quick and easy refabulizing

This weekend has flown by but luckily I’ve gotten a lot done! I love redecorating or reorganizing things..and tend to do it semi frequently. I’ve been in the mood for a change and doing some sprucing up so this weekend I made a few very easy changes.
First off thanks to Lulu DK’s blog post about color coordinating! I was inspired by her NYC apartment’s library wall of color coordinated books. A great way to change things up for zero dollars. I don’t have as many books as she does but I enjoy collecting and am continuing to get through my other smaller stack of to-read books. They have been staring me down for a while now.
Here’s what I did!
After~Halfway there


The next day I picked up a chair I had recovered. I bought this barley twist chair in Asheville a few years ago at an antiques shop with the obvious intention of recovering it. It had horrible satiny pastel floral fabric on it. So I only took a black and white photo.
Now it looks nice and fresh with blue velvet fabric{which I got for free thanks to maman. Gotta love the perks of working in the design industry}.
And finally today I repainted my closet!! Sorry if I’m too enthusiastic for you about this but I’m in love with my nice fresh closet now. I spend so much time looking at it in the morning, at night, and a lot of time in between because my doors are usually open. It definitely hasn’t been repainted since the house was built and it has gotten dingy and marked up over 30 plus years. So today I pulled some paint out of the garage, gutted my closet, and went to work.
Before: Gag!

For a little something pretty to look at I added some artwork I’ve been holding onto. I bought these old bird prints at the Apple Festival a few months ago{Shout out to Lily Girl! We need to go on another adventure soon}. Also added these vintage French award plaques. Since I spend so much time in the closet and have the doors open so much  I thought I should add something decorative and since I already owned them why not?
I hope these ideas have inspired you to do some spring cleaning of your own. How do you plan to do some spring cleaning and sprucing up?
Have a bright day!
Bright Girl

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  1. Fun idea and looks great!
    If only I didn't have to organize by subject...