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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Apple Festival 2011

So I feel negligent in my blog postings lately. Things have been very busy here and getting home late at night a lot over the past week has left me exhausted and not very motivated to stay up and share some stories with you guys. Last week I worked for 2 straight days(30+ hours in two days) as a movie extra getting home super late and getting up before sunrise four days in a row. It was interesting and exhausting but overall it was a great experience. You never know what to expect when you get that call time and show up but I met some very nice and interesting people who also work as extras, there were over 400 people working as extras during that particular shoot, and I even saw some people from the last shoot a few weeks ago. I now have two part time jobs and have been training and working since last week also. I was on call today and actually really happy they didn't need me even though I need the money. I've been doing homework and organizing my closet today with a new shelf and shoe caddy(organizing makes me soooo happy!!).

Beautiful!! :))

I'm in love with this new shelf!! Stella tried to help me put it together but she quickly became more interested in how the screws looked like toys and the cubbies were clearly made to be her playset weaving in and out of the boards as I was screwing them together. Sheesh!

On to more enjoyable items on the agenda here:
A few weeks ago Lily Girl(as I am currently going to dub her) and I headed up to north Georgia for the 2011 Ellijay Apple Festival to celebrate all things apple!

We're on our way!

Jane loved these tea cup bird feeders!

This picture reminded Jane and I of home. It looks just like our spring house with the fig tree right next door. Kitties in windows are staples at our house too!
Hard to tell in this picture but there is a window next to the door and that's our fig tree next to that.

Apples Galore!

Guess the weight of this jumbo!

Which Way!?!

Waiting on our fresh lemonade


Cute bird houses made of found objects

Is anyone home!?
Heading into downtown Ellijay

Ellijay has tons of scarecrows every year. I even saw one on a Harley and one with an oxygen tank. Woah baby!

A bit morbid. In front of the funeral home perfectly accessorized with a casket, tombstone, and funeral flowers.

Don't get caught with your pants down folks! :(

Those are some sassy ladies

Lily Girl had a one way conversation with this lady. We think she had a little too much cider!

Awesome graphics on this building

We did a little antique shopping
Look at all those vintage lunch boxes! Which to choose?

We loved this Mary Poppins one!

I even found Maman's Disney school bus lunch box!
I found these cute vintage bird prints and thought it was a pretty good deal, $25 each. Someday they will look great in my house, when I get one.

I also really like collecting vintage postcards. I liked the images and graphics on these with animals, cottage scenery, and flowers.

Reminds me of England:)

Lily Girl made a new friend!

Pumpkin time folks...

We're hitchin' a ride, packin' our friend apple pies in our saddle bags, and headin' outta town.
I hope you enjoyed our tour of the town! Check back soon for more adventures!!
Have a bright day!
Bright Girl

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