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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Christmas 2011

Well the holidays are over and it’s time to start a fresh new year! Before I start working on 2012 projects I wanted to share the last of Christmas 2011. I’ll definitely be keeping up more with my blog now that my schedule is 100 times better PLUS I’m off all this week so there will definitely be baking, cooking, and other various projects going on to share. I’ve already planned the menus and have chocolate gingerbread cookie dough in the refrigerator ready  to bake tonight. Although…I’ve gotten sucked into Persuasion tonight on PBS and it’s the premiere night for Once Upon a Time AND Downton Abbey Season 2. So my schedule is pretty tight, haha.
We stayed very low key this holiday with just a few friends and family. Just staying in and spending time together was fun and relaxing. We had a delicious dinner of Beef Wellington, holiday crackers, and good times.
Christmas Crackers! Always a crowd pleaser. We were all dubbed royal with our paper crowns and enjoyed our toys and treats.

Stella and Pumpkin actually have really enjoyed playing with my little cars. Here they are adorning my menagerie of dessert. Fruit tart from Douceur de France, Chocolate peppermint cake from Piece of Cake, and Pink Girl’s homemade pumpkin pie:)

Pink Girl always wraps the prettiest presents! Look how lovely these packages are! I got this lovely pink tree too. Time to start planning next years decorations.116

Here are our Christmas Day pictures! Stella and Bennet’s first Christmasw
Here is what Santa brought little Stella! She loves her mouse Remy from Moulin Roty. So adorable!
038This fortune is SOOO Stella. Perfection.

042…aaaannnd there she goes. Trouble City!!
Bennet’s First Stocking. He is SO excited!
Stella is helping open the presents. ‘oooh. sparkly!’
Sitting by the fire watching a Jane Austen marathon on Christmas Day with a napping baby cat. Sounds like a great day to me!
Did I mention this cat is trouble?

Here’s hoping your holiday season was wonderful. Bring on the new year!
Have a bright day!
wBright Girl

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