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Friday, September 16, 2011


Hello! So Virginia was wonderful and I'm so so glad I finally got to go. My college major was in American History so I've spent a lot of time studying our history and culture, my favorite period is Colonial leading to Revolutionary. I love the culture and fashion of the times. I'm going to be posting pictures over the next few days because, as usual, I took LOTS. Jane came along and we had lots of fun and took some great pictures. Luckily you can't feel the over 100 degree temps in these pictures. It was hot people. And since we were touring Williamsburg and historic properties, we were outside most of the time. But we had fun, saw some beautiful things, learned even more about history and culture, and became inspired.
Our first night in Virginia ended with Chocolate and Coconut Gelato:) Delicious!

Slave quarters inside the farm kitchen

Jane can chop

Taking the oxen to pasture

These are cotton flowers. They bloom on cotton plants before the cotton comes in. So pretty.

Preparing the garden for new crops

Hats for sale in the market

Jane is doing some shopping too!

These are my favorite pictures from the inside of the apothecary. I would love to decorate my future kitchen like this!

Waiting for her remedy

Every house or property in downtown Williamsburg has a courtyard garden. Tucked away from the crowds are these quiet little gardens.

The George Wythe House, built 1750s.

Williamsburg Cat. Pretty kitty.

Blue Talon Bistro for dinner. So good! A great way to end the day.
So I took over 700 pictures in 5 days while visiting Virginia. So stay tuned! There is much more to share:)
Have a bright day!
b girl

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