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Friday, January 3, 2014

Kitchen Updates!

Well I am WAAAY behind on posts, specifically house remodeling projects. It’s been a crazy fall and winter season. Lots of traveling and working! So whenever I haven’t been doing either of those things I’ve been doing stuff around the house aaaannnd let’s be honest watching Netflix. It’s cold! But I’ve been doing mostly the other three things. So now that a new year has started it’s time to catch up on the blog. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ve been keeping updated but I still have lots of blogs-ta-write. So here we go!

As a reminder: This is what the kitchen looked like before I bought the house. Pretty much unchanged in 50 years. It was in serious need of some cleaning and cheering up. Since it was the most in need of help it’s the last room I worked on.




448     452

446     456


The first thing I did when I started working on the kitchen was I took off the old drawer pulls which were pretty rusty (I had to saw off at least one) and painted the bottom cabinets Benjamin Moore White Dove. I then replaced the knobs with really cute new contemporary pulls.



Probably 3 months passed before I did anything else which was having a friend help me take down the upper cabinets. I patched the holes and primed over the yucky walls. I’m planning to put up open shelves.

382    383




It already looks so much brighter and bigger with the cabinets down!


I bought this cute skinny blue shelf at a store that was going out of business. I’m planning to put it in the kitchen in the small hallway to use for pantry items.


I decided to paint the ceiling Benjamin Moore Cat’s Meow pink!



Annnnd I finally got the beadboard paper put up! It’s so cute! I painted the walls Benjamin Moore White Dove, the same color as the trim and cabinets. In a few months I’ll have the shelving up. I can’t wait!




Say goodbye to the old stove! I finally got a stove right before Thanksgiving!



1301     1300

1303     1302



Officially used my oven for the first time to make brownies for Crème de menthe brownies. Yummo!


It is so hard to believe this is the same room and how much was done in a few months. I can’t wait to see how it looks in a few more months as things progressively get completed. Stay tuned!

Have a bright day!


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