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Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Thrifting

So since I just recently purchased my first home I’ve been on a slim budget and I’ve started doing a lot of thrift store scouring. I’ve actually found some pretty great stuff for really great prices. Working on filling the house up more for the holidays and beyond. Here are some Christmas themed thrifty scores.
1183     1184
I found these giant wooden nutcrackers for $25 each. I had to mail them home because I was in the middle of Nowheresville California. They have been dubbed Art-ichoke and Rudy-bega since we were basically in the middle of a vegetable field.
1474     1476
On another thrifty trip I found this handmade sleigh for a few bucks and repainted it.
1595     1649
I added another egg dish to my collection and found this pretty silver plated dome lid for $3. Looks great on my buffet!
Just a couple other cute finds for a couple bucks. London play tea set and vintage kitty stocking. My “kids” love them! Meowy Christmas!
Where is your favorite place to find sweet deals?
Have a bright day!

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