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Monday, January 13, 2014

Front Garden Makeover

So I bought this adorable birdhouse at the Sunflower Festival early in the fall. I decided I would dig out and redo the small flower bed in my front yard which was totally overgrown with ivy. There was a sad red Knock Out rose bush and lots and lots of ivy. I dug out at least 4 large logs in that mess.
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After I dug out the bed and put up the birdhouse I decided to start adding color and dimension. I dug out the sad Knock Out rose bush and transplanted it by the other one near the house.
This little rose popped up in the middle of my backyard in the spring. After it bloomed I dug it up and put it in a pot. When I planted the flowers under the birdhouse I dug up the red rose bush, moved it, and added this little pink rose to the bed. I added Russian Sage and some Shasta Daisies. Since then I’ve also added butterfly bush and transplanted some Iris bulbs that were totally out of control in the backyard.
The Knock Out Rose is so much happier! It bloomed several times after I replanted it! I can’t wait to see how everything blooms in the spring and keep adding to my flower beds.
More gardening to come in the spring. For now I’m hibernating! :)
Have a bright day!

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