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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week in review ~ Antiquing in Marietta + Strawberry Lemonade

Why…Hello there! Sorry for the delay. I’ve just been lounging about as of late. Actually…I spent the entire weekend in bed sick, boooo! I felt so bad I didn’t even have the energy to post anything. Now that I’m back to work Stella here has the lounging part down for me. Must be nice being a cat in my house, hmmm.




Two weekends ago it was super duper hot mom and I went for lunch and an afternoon of guaranteed cooler surroundings, antiquing. Spending several hours inside a large air-conditioned building looking at tons of fun old stuff? Sounds good to me!

We went for lunch at Jack’s New Yorker Deli on the Marietta Square. It was a nice taste of the past. When I worked in Vinings I went across the street a lot to get lunch at the New Yorker. Meatloaf sandwich with mustardy slaw. Yum!




I have tons of vintage patterns in a bag somewhere! This is a great idea, frame them!




I thought this was sooo cute! Vintage napkin holder/toothpick holder. Unfortunately she had some bad cracks but I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for one in the future.




Mom put this precious antique child’s hutch on layaway for the downstairs bathroom. It’s going to be so cute!




I thought this was pretty amazing but ultimately decided not to splurge on “The King.” ;)




I did, however, splurge on these vintage books at the thrift store next door for the whopping price of $7. I thought the colors were very pretty on some and I’m going to repaper the rest for my bookshelves. I have tons of pretty paper from Il Papiro that I’ve been hoarding. Time to go to use! Just pulled out my instructions from printmaking in Montepulciano. I’ll share the finished product soon!













I hosted book club last week! It was fun and I had some tasty treats prepared. Strawberry lemonade, cherry toasted almond scones, cheese plate, watermelon. Recipe for a good summer evening soiree.












Check out my previous post here for recipes for the cookies I made.

Strawberry lemonade was super easy, bought frozen lemonade, blended a few cups of strawberries in 2 empty cartons full of water(follow the recipe on the container, it calls for about 4 cartons of water) and mixed with the remaining water and lemonade mix. Sit overnight to let the flavors mesh. Before you serve it skim the pulp from the top. Pour over ice and enjoy!


What’s everyone been up to? Any fun summer plans past or future? I’m trying to come up with a mini vacation in the next few months. Suggestions are welcome!

Up next #photoadayjuly catch up!

Have a bright night!

Bright Girl

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