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Friday, July 20, 2012

tgif!! July photo a day catch-up

So I’m really glad it’s Friday if you couldn’t already surmise that from my post title. Also my birthday is this weekend! Looking forward to hanging out with a few friends to celebrate. Moving on to the other half of my post title I’m catching up on my photo a day posts for July.
Remember to check out for the complete Photo A Day Challenge, twitter and instagram #photoadayjuly.

Day 13} Open
Opened my packages from Talbots, my colorful shorts came! Love the hot pink and flame red colors. And a steal at around 20 bucks a pair on sale!

Day 14} Building
Walking around the artsy districts near Asheville, SC. Love this!

Day 15} Finger
Stella’s little paws are so precious. Her lumpy broken one makes me sad but she definitely acts like a crazy girl running, jumping and bullying the other cats despite being the baby. She had to be in pretty much comatose nap mode for this picture to get taken. Then she started trying to eat my hands. Not gonna get this girl down!

Day 16} Sign
Putting my crafty skills to work making signs for a work event.

Day 17} Your addiction
I’m totally addicted to taking pictures of my cats. I mean, come on! Look how precious!
I’m also addicted to chocolate, my iPhone, and sleeping in. In case you were wondering.

Day 18} Plate
Warm brie with cranberries. Mmm.

Day 19} Pet
This is how I left Pumpkin this morning. Press the snooze mom!

Day 20} Eyes
Unfortunately I’ve been sick this week :(  Spent the entire weekend in bed feeling like death. Thankfully I had some furry company, at least for a little bit. Watching some TV together.

Have a bright weekend!
Bright Girl

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