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Thursday, July 12, 2012

July photo a day so far..

Okay haven’t posted my pics in a post in a while so here they are. Remember to check out for the complete Photo A Day Challenge, twitter and instagram #photoadayjuly.



Day 1} Self Portrait~ Generally how I’m forced to sleep with this pumpkin cat upon my head.

1} Self portrait


Day 2} Busy~ Our caterpillars transformed into butterflies! I became a temporary vet again creating the perfect home for these critters.

2} Busy


2} Busy 2



Day 3} Best part of my day~ If you fall asleep near me I’ll probably take your picture if you look cute. Mom and two sleepy babies.

3} Best part of your day



Day 4} Fun~ Cute art project for the 4th! I’m lucky to be able to do creative stuff like this at work. Fun fun!

4} Fun



Day 5} On the floor~ Stella and Remy having a ball. That girl is crazy!

5} On the floor



Day 6} Chair~ Waiting in the movie theater waiting for “Magic Mike” to start. It was just okay in case you were wondering. But I had fun with my girls:)

6} Chair



Day 7} Garden~ We had TONS of Casablanca lilies this year. So pretty!

7} Garden



Day 8} Lunch~ Reliving my Vinings days with a meatloaf sandwich at Jacks New Yorker Deli on the Marietta Square. Yummy.

8} Lunch



Day 9} Big~ Came across this beaut at the antique mall. Woah that’s a lotta Elvis!

9} Big



Day 10} Favorite color~ I have many favorite colors but my favorite color to decorate with is French blue. My whole room is French blues, greens, and creams. Very feminine. What is your favorite color?

10} Your fav color



Day 11} Letter~ So I didn’t take a picture this day but isn’t this fun! Village post office I drove past whilst in England a few years ago. Oh how I wish I was there now.

11} Letter



Day 12} Texture~ Rubbing from my art classes in Italy several summers ago. Again, oh how I wish I was there.

12} texture





Anyone else doing the challenge?

Hope to post again tomorrow, antiquing and thrifting on a hot summer day is the best indoor activity. Scott antique market this weekend, who’s going!?

Have a bright night!

Bright Girl

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