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Monday, July 2, 2012

I’m alive!~ Photo a day July & Show and Tell


So it’s been a while since I posted anything. I guess things have just gotten away from me between reading for my book club and starting an almost daily trek to the gym I’ve gotten behind on the blog. I’m foregoing finishing the June photo a day and moving onward and upward with July. Can you believe it’s July!?! Half the year has gone by without me even realizing.

Here’s the July List. My birthday is “upside down!” Let’s hope that’s not an omen!



July Photo A Day Challenge

1} Self Portrait~This is usually how I’m forced to sleep in some fashion. I’m pretty sure this week Pumpkin has been scratching my face in my sleep to wake me in order to fill his kibble dish. I feel like one of the characters in “The Birds” but my movie is called “The Cats: 5 is enough.”

020 (3)

2} Busy~ Today was a busy day as usual made even more interesting by the fact that all 5 caterpillars emerged from their cocoons and transformed into butterflies! I quickly picked them some flowers and made them sugar water to gobble up. Aren’t they pretty!

2} Busy

2} Busy 2

Show & Tell

So in case you didn’t know already I love antique china and have started collecting a few vintage patterns, which of course are hard to find. I bought some things on ebay last month to add to my collection. I think some of these would be so pretty hung as a collection on a wall someday. I even found a few pieces featured on Susan Branch’s blog, drool worthy kitchen and china collection! Take a peep here!
Here is the start of my own collection.


Part of my Tuscan English Bird of Paradise collection. I started collecting the pink pieces a few years ago because, well, I love pink. But the pattern itself is beautiful too. It’s really hard to find online, it’s over 60 years old and most sellers don’t put names and when they do they are rarely the same. I call it “Birds of Paradise.” I found a few mint green pieces that look very pretty with the pink and just got a cup that is a pale blue, I guess they made it several different ways.




Susan Branch has several pieces of this Minton Cockatrice pattern featured on her blog {unnamed creamers are pictured}. This hand painted pattern in a bright pink is very eye catching.



For obvious reasons I’ve also started collecting Chelsea Bird in the older aqua blue color. I just found a tea set of dessert plates, creamer, sugar, and cake plate.


I also found this adorable vintage Minton milk pitcher for a steal! The hand painted ribbon and flowers are so sweet, I thought it would be great for fresh floral bouquets.


Meakin Avondale in the lighter sage green color. So pretty! I found a huge collection of this at Scott Antique Market but held back from buying anything until I checked online prices which were MUCH less. I’m all about the deals!


Fresh peaches are the epitome of summertime!


Finishing up my photo shoot, every time I take pictures downstairs this Pumpkin cat comes around.

Is there something you love to collect? Scott Antique Market is next weekend, anything I should look out for?
Have a bright day!
Bright Girl

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