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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Hello everyone and I hope you’re getting into the holiday spirit!
I know a lot of you are getting the kiddos ready for holiday pictures with friends, family, and, most importantly, Santa Claus!! Big shout out to Lily Girl who has been doing just that for the past two days, Santa Claus is IN the building people! I did it for three years and it has its ups and downs but it’s always such fun to see the children’s faces when they meet Santa and bring their Christmas wish list colored in crayon with reindeer and candy canes.
Pictured above is myself, aged 4, meeting Santa and welcoming him to a holiday soiree. ‘Come in won’t you.’
Later we had our pictures taken. What a lovely child.
And then there are moments like this.
My brother was not so calm. Holding on to that candy cane for dear life!
I love how my dad is a laughing bystander. 
God bless you Santa Claus! Here’s hoping there are more sweeties than screamers.
What are you doing on your holiday weekends? Shopping? Parties? Do share! And if you have glorious photos such as these I would love to see them. The ‘screaming bloody murder’ ones may have been painful at the time but they are the best and funniest looking back.
Have a bright day!
Bright Girl

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