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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby’s First Christmas- Mr.Bennet & Stella’s Wish List

Cotton Cat Collar (Pink Salmon)

The holidays are almost here and it’s Bennet and Stella’s first Christmas! I’ve been doing some holiday shopping for the kids and here are a few treats I found on Etsy. Stella is getting a little tired of Pumpkin’s old blue collar so I found this adorable pink fabric collar by Jake & Micah on Etsy. They also had these cute fortune cookie catnip treats. The smell of catnip was just TOO tempting and kids discovered them hidden in my closet so hopefully their Santa dreams haven’t been dashed. Aren’t they adorable! They all have little fortunes, Stella’s will most definitely be “You have a talent for getting into mischief” and Pumpkin’s will be “Catnip will be the key to your happiness.” Lucky Organic Catnip Fortune Cookies (Set of 3 Polka Dot Cookies)

Of course there will also be cookies and treats galore. There are TONS of companies selling homemade doggie cookies. Bennet LOVES peanut butter and molasses cookies by Blue Dog Bakery {sidenote: if you go to their website there are printable coupons.} I also found these little bites by Marconimade on Esty. Cute little dog shapes in cheesy beef flavor. I’m sure Mr. Bennet and his dog pals will give it two paws up.

Fresh All Natural Dog Treats in CHEESY BEEF Pk of 25

Just the other day a local radio station was taking calls about Christmas shopping for your pets. There were quite a few callers saying they were spending well over $200 on animals. I love my pets but definitely won’t be spending that on presents. What are your furry children getting from Santa this year?

Have a bright day!

Bright Girl

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