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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adventures of the Girl in the Tights{& Jane}: The Marietta Pilgrimage Christmas House Tour 2011

This weekend was the 25th annual Marietta Pilgrimage in historic Marietta, Georgia. My mom went last year but I was unable to go. She had an awesome time so I was determined to go the following year for sure! Luckily I was able to ask off work this time so Pink Girl, Maman, & Myself were able to spend the day walking the adorable side streets of Marietta filled with historic homes from Reconstruction and Victorian mansions to mid-century bungalows and cottages. This year the weather was perfect, just a little chilly but sunny and bright--not unbearably cold like last year apparantly was. Which is perfect because I dressed cute and festive for the day and got A LOT of compliments on my tights. So of course I had to take a picture to commemorate the day. If you saw me and or my tights that day you’ll remember I’m sure. Again, thanks for the compliments!


Just leaving The Dobbins-McDaniel House c.1952. Jane might need some assistance.

While heading out the door Jane came across the most adorable little village and made a friend!

Heading into The Brooks-Vanderbogart House c.1927

Wandering down the street in search of house #3. Is this it??

Unfortunately this is the only exterior picture of the house I took. So sweet. The house is gorgeous inside and out! Ellwood c. 1867.

The outdoor patio and fireplace was so toasty and inviting, Jane had to sit by the fire for for a bit of a respite.

The chickens are ready for Santa to come!

Look at how neat and tidy this adorable potting shed is!! Looks like it used to be a smokehouse or kitchen building of some kind. Remember--Ellwood dates back to the late 1800s.

Okay, this house wasn’t on the tour but it was so adorable and decorated perfectly for the holidays. And I loved the colorful window!


Mockingbird Hill c. 1888. What a great house. Gorgeous design and doesn’t every girl wish she had a turret!?

Jane & Maman also made a feline friend. She popped out of the bushes as we were walking by and made our acquaintance. Lovely!

Look at this cool tree house/patio!! I wish I had one of these!!!

The Camellias are in bloom. Gorgeous!
The Green-Hildreth House {c. 1934} was probably my favorite by far. It has been lovingly restored and remodeled by the current owner, a professional carpenter and apparent renaissance man. Too bad I don’t have any friends like that! It’s gorgeous!!

The woodworking studio was awesome and really reminded maman of her uncle’s carpentry studio filled with the smell of fresh wood shavings. Apparently her uncle’s studio was much larger but sadly burned when she was still very young.

Safety First Jane!                     This pair is having a good time decorating!

This house wasn’t on the tour but was so adorable! It’s like a little doll house.

Admiring the local bird community. Quite colorful and festive.

The Bagwell-Koutouzis House c. 1927



The Anderson Mansion c. 1900


After finishing the home tour we walked over to The Root House. I’ve never been and am so glad I finally got to go. It was so cute decorated for Christmas and reminded me of my time in Virginia in August. I would highly recommend taking some time out and stopping by, especially now that it’s decorated for the holidays. A great opportunity for people of all ages to see living history in the Atlanta area. I really want to make “Secrets” for Christmas dinner now too. Go visit and tell me what you think.



100       Fetching some water


Kitchen Porch

We all had fun and got some inspiration on the house tour. Just made me want a historic home of my own all the more. Sigh…someday. Did anyone else go on the tour this year? What was your favorite house, room, decoration idea, etc.?? I’d love to hear. And even if you didn’t-do stop by and say hello.
Have a bright day!
Bright Girl

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