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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kitty Fetch

So Stellaluna is officially a member of the household. She is fitting in quite nicely thus far. Pumpkin, who frequently acts as property rodent/bird/creature terminator as well as Cookie Dough terrorizer, plays with Stella everyday and essentially lets her beat him up and cries due to the extent of the beating. AKA he acts like a major wuss.
Fittingly Lily Girl and I saw Puss in Boots last night and now all I can think about is how Pumpkin and Stella remind me of Puss and Kitty Softpaws {Stella certainly doesn’t have soft paws} and Puss saying {in that silky Spanish accent} “I have brought you a present mama” {aka a bird}. Go see it. If you are a kitty mother/father/aunt/uncle/brother/sister you will know what I mean. I get those kind of presents a lot.
Puss in boots and Kitty
Pumpkin gives Stella a mini bath for the first time. Sorry this is so shaky! :/
Binx tolerates her as is the case with the girls, who after 9 years have learned not to bat an eye at a random cat showing up from their former home which they have more than likely long forgotten because they have lived in the lap of luxury since leaving as wee babes.
To say the least Stella is very energetic {and for a kitten with a leg that was broken and re-healed crooked before we brought her home it’s pretty amazing}. She’s crazy but also extremely loveable and comes running when she hears me coming home. This always makes me feel better after all the LONG days I’ve had lately.
Stella LOVES playing fetch. So hilarious. You must watch!!
Kitty Fetch!

Hopefully that made your day. It certainly made mine.
Have a bright day!!
Bright Girl {& Stellaluna}

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