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Friday, April 6, 2012

Good bye March, Hello April.

Time is flying by. March was busy and it looks like April will be too, looking forward to a weekend getaway in a few weeks.
Here is the finale of my March photo a day challenge.
Day 29} Feet~I love kitty bunny toes.
Day 30} Toy~This little lady carrying her baby around. Too cute!

Day 31} Where you relax~Getting ready for bed. My space is often taken over by this tiger. But snuggling is fun too.
31}where you relax
Well March is over and April as begun. Check out the Fat Mum Slim blog so you can catch up on April too and get started on your own photo a day challenge!
Day 1} Your reflection~Day 1!! Woah a fresh start. Here I am in a cute newish outfit. New spring skirt from Old Navy and Kenneth Cole color block wedges.
 1}your reflection



Day 2} Colour~Trying to pick out a new polish shade. So hard! I loved these three colors by Essie {L-R Tart Deco, Mochacino, & Play Date}. I only bought Mochacino but these are pretty tempting. What do you think?
Day 3} Mail~Netflix!
Day 4} Someone who makes me happy~You’ve been warned people!!
4}someone who makes you happy
Day 5} Tiny~ Kerria Japonica roses are in full bloom. So pretty and sweet:)
Day 6} Lunch~Luckily I bought a few of these the other day because there was nothing else to eat chez moi. I added some fresh basil and tomato and grated some parmesan cheese. Voila! Lunch is served.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Easter is here already, the blooms are pooping out but here is a lovely shot of the blossoms last week here at Gap in the Hedge.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!
Bright girl

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