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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April photo a day challenge: Days 20-24

Catching up here!
Day 20} Something you drew~My art project with the kids this week for Earth Day. Recycled garden, so cute!
20} something you drew
Day 21} Bottle(cap)~I didn’t drink those in case you were wondering.
21} bottle(cap)
Day 22} Last thing you bought~I went on a china collecting rampage this weekend. Found some beautiful things to add to my collection and can’t wait for them to arrive! Unfortunately most of the things I like are expensive and/or hard to find (this girl has great taste). This Tuscan English Bird of Paradise pattern is impossible to find, mine is pink but when I saw the green I had to buy it even if it is a different color. I started collecting a few years ago after a round about purchase of vintage Cunard menus via my vintage trunk research. (Hopefully I’ll write about that soon, it’s actually a very interesting story).
Once my pieces come I’ll definitely be sharing pictures!
22} Last thing you bought-Tuscan English Bird of Paradise
Here are some of my plates on display
Day 23} Vegetable~Stir fry dinner
23} Vegetable

Day 24} Something I’m grateful for~On nights like the ones we’ve had lately here in Georgia I’m grateful for bed warmers that never cool down and are always up for a snuggle. In fact I’m holding this one right now as I type.
Well tomorrow is field trip day to the aquarium! It should be interesting for sure. Ready for my long weekend to start, just two more days and I’ll be B&B boundSmile  Here is hoping the weather warms up a little by Friday!
Have a bright night! Pull out your own bed warmers and get snuggled upSmile
Bright Girl

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