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Monday, October 10, 2011

Douceur de France

Well it's been a busy week! I'm so excited about this fall weather and a new season and holiday to celebrate. But before I share some of the holiday spirit I wanted to share the latest Jane mini adventure. I met a friend the other day at a little French patisserie and restaurant in Marietta, Douceur de France. I love the new location, easier to find and a more up to date design and decor, and wanted to share it with Jane and une amie. We met up for some tea, quiche, and conversation. I must say reading Carol Gillott's blog {} inspires me every day to do all sorts of things including painting pastries in a cafe. While I haven't gotten that far the spirit of just hanging out in a cafe, or anywhere, and taking in your surroundings or reading a book is inspiring. A little joie de vivre. I can imagine I'm in Paris or New York can't I!? And to top it off Carol now has a little bear like Jane who travels with her. Check it out!
It just so happened we were seated at table 22. My favorite number!

Taking Tea

It's so hard picking out just the right treat

Halloween treats

Look at all those lovely gateaux!

We settled on a Napoleon. Classic.
Check out DDF here:

Have a bright day!
bright girl

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