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Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Ahead

Hello All,
So I feel guilty that I haven't posted in over a week. I'm hoping to start working on Easter this weekend and put up lots of new stuff soon. I'm also *very slowly* trying to continue through my reading list and finally read the books I've been collecting through my college years. That's what happens when you have to read 5 books per class per semester, you don't read for pleasure and it takes a long time to even want to look at a book again. Here are some of the books sitting very neatly on my desk. Staring at me every night.
Isn't this bag to die for!! Actually it's a cake from Star Provisions! They did a great job, I'd like that purse were it real.
I love finding great deals and I must say I have great taste. Here is my recent major steal, Kate Spade!
I've been wanting a nice new tote for work and I finally saw something that fit the bill at over 50% off retail.
I love it!

I'm not excited about 'springing ahead' this weekend. I love my sleep. However I'm ready for some warmer weather, fun spring clothes, and pulling out the bunnies and chicks.
Flowers are blooming at Gap in the Hedge. I'll share some pics next time!

B. Girl

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