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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Front Porch Updates

The exterior of my house has been last on the list of to-dos but I definitely knew I wanted to add some pop to the front door with a fun blue color but had a hard time deciding on the perfect shade. I ultimately decided on Benjamin Moore Calypso Blue. Here are some before and after photos!
The front porch was drab with all that white, the door, which is super cute, fades into the background.
Picking out shades.
841     844
One coat into the door painting. Already looks great!
Added some finishing touches. I bought this ceramic kitty sign in Italy while I studied abroad and I can finally put it outside…on my house!
672     845
I patched all the flaked paint around the door and walls in addition to adding a cute doormat and large contemporary planters. It looks a million times better!
What’s your favorite color pop to accessorize with?
Have a bright day!

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