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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Progress at the house

I’m happy to say a lot of progress has been made in the last few weeks at the new house the most important being the painting and floors are finally done! Now that those updates are finished I can start actually putting furniture inside and I never want to see another paintbrush again! At least for a little while. Here is what I’ve been up to.
323   329
As soon as the house title changed I received a letter saying I had to get a street mailbox. No chance of using a cute little mailbox on the house anymore:( Putting this puppy together was a nightmare 4 day process and multiple trips to the hardware store to get parts and tools but I must say it looks amazing and the flowers are looking much perkier now that they have gotten some rain and sunshine. I’ve planted rosemary at the base and plan on adding to it soon. Springtime has brought out the foliage on the property and the azaleas were very pretty and pink. Lots of Iris bulbs popped up and started blooming.
360   362

364      iris
Master bedroom: I really wanted to paint it blue, like my current bedroom, but I was totally uninspired by everything I tried. Then I decided to look at greens again and decided on a soft shade of green. It looks so good! Benjamin Moore Guilford Green
Bedroom #2: This room is the worst one. Not sure what happened in here but it has mold, bugs, and water damage on various parts of the floor/windows/walls. I had to clean, patch, prime, and paint a lot in this room. Can I get a little woop woop on how much better it looks now. The walls are Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and I decided at the last minute to paint the ceiling with Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue, which is what I painted the living room ceiling.
Bedroom #3/Library:
Of course now that I’ve repainted the room I’ve just found some amazing York wallpaper on sale that I love and might buy to redo this room. I’ve already decided I want to use shades of blush as the accent color in this room. What do you think of the wallpaper? Very Marie Antoinette, non?
I haven’t done much in the kitchen yet. It is going to have to have a major remodel at some point and I’m trying to decide what I can do inexpensively right now to make it look better. I’ve decided I’m probably going to put up paintable bead board wallpaper and use Benjamin Moore Kensington Green on the walls. I’m also going to remove the upper cabinets and put up open shelving. For the moment I’ve painted the lower cabinets White Dove.
When all is said and done the walls should look like this. Bead board in this color and open shelving. Images via Pinterest.
The biggest update besides the painting is the floors! They have been patched and refinished!! The look amazing and I’m so glad they are done.
Here they are before. Old red oak in need of some TLC. Note the floor heater was removed and wood put in to patch the hole, ready for wood to go on top.
Floors sanded and patched. They already look so much better!
floorssanded2   floorssanded
Finished product! I chose Minwax Dark Walnut. Such a difference!
Lots more to share and do this week so stay tuned.
Have a bright day!
Chelsea aka bright girl

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