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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catch up & Quick and easy autumn redecorating projects

I’m not sure where the last few weeks have gone but I can’t believe it’s November, let alone that it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted and Thanksgiving is in 10 days. Working on projects around the house coupled with weekend visitors, preparing for Halloween, working overtime, starting to Christmas shop, visiting with friends, saving lives, and then going out of town it’s been a little hectic.

*Note I said saving lives, yes. At work this week a poor kitty showed up that we have never seen before crying from hunger and lack of human contact. He is beautiful and so sweet, he actually put his arms out to me to be loved and tried climbing up my legs several times. It was obvious to me it had been around people before but was literally starving to death. The poor kitty cried, no, howled, at our door the entire day. I felt horrible! I went out to visit him, pet him, fed and watered him. He was so hungry and craved attention so much I almost tripped over him multiple times.


I frantically tried emailing rescues but to no avail, they are full up. They said they might to consider taking on the case in several months. Isn’t it sad that there are that many animals in need. Long story short kitty was taken by one of the parents to the vet that night so he wouldn’t freeze and was checked out at the vet the next day. This blows my mind. The cat was micro chipped but the owners didn’t want him anymore so they dumped him…where he starved and was attacked by animals. I’m so angry about this there are no words. But I’m so, so happy that he was saved by people who love cats and who will keep him or find him a safe home.

Pumpkin, I hope you know how good you have it! You’ve decided to lay on my chest as I type…okay I can work around that.

pumpkin 11-11-12


I love fall holidays and decorating for them. Everything about them is fun and gets my creative juices flowing. As I was walking out the door the other day I decided to redecorate the entire side porch. Good thing we have a plentiful collection of supplies/random stuff in the garage. I think everyone has things in their garage/attic/barn that they have been holding on to and just don’t know what to do with. Take a second look. Get a fresh pair of eyes. Whatever it takes I’m sure you can find something fabulous!

Little country cat that is probably older than me. So cute but in need of some TLC. I highly recommend everyone have black spray paint on hand at all times! It comes in so handy!





I had this ribbon from last year and found the little jack-o-lantern bell in the garage near the kitty.


And voila! New kitty display in the kitchen window for Halloween. We love black cats and mom has painted Binx several times. Sweet little vignette.



I spent an entire day cleaning and remerchandising the front porch for fall. I like to start from the bare bones and build from there. Took all the furniture off, scrubbed the floors, trimmed and reshaped the grapevines growing up the columns, cleaned all the furniture, and then pulled things from the house or storage. Looks so much better!


Pumpkins are a cheap and colorful way to decorate your porch. Mix up the varieties. Different colors, textures, and shapes are more appealing. Snag some bright mums and your done!


Dried hydrangea in an old silver tea pot.



Where it all began. I took one look at the side porch and was instantly annoyed with the tired out look it had. Stripped it of the few things out there, scoured the garage, and found all these vine wreaths my mom had stockpiled for floral work. Since they haven’t been used in years I thought a collage of them would look nice and simple outside. I was right!


Pulled some faux florals from the attic plus recent antique finds and voila! Very easy and cheap redo. Filled moms garden boots with faux sunflowers and leafy branches. Old coal grate holds polished gourds and deer antlers. Antique pottery jug holds faux mums. Love the bright autumnal colors!



Found dozens of old, dirty gourds in the garage. Cleaned them up and added them to a wire planter outside. They are so pretty and once I get some wax or stain I’ll make them shine even more.


I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! We had a party and parade for the kiddos at work and I decided last minute to recreate my costume at age 2. Minnie Mouse. Even pulled mom into it. Such fun! 1987-2012.


Does anyone have any of their own redecorating ideas in mind? Any recent redo’s that just made things feel so much lighter and brighter? I love a good redecorating day myself. I love being destructive as much as the rebuilding.

Can’t wait to get cracking on holiday decorating! Pinterest here I come!

Have a bright day!

Chelsea aka Bright Girl

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