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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Turning Tables

Jane and I (and Bennet!) have been extremely busy as of late and I feel terrible that I haven't posted sooner! I've had something going on almost every weekend lately. My birthday last week was such fun and great spending time with friends. Spent the weekend with more girlfriends. I've been in serious need of a vacation, even if it's just having a sleepover an hour away with some wonderful people. Thanks for everything! Seems like lately I've gotten in a rut and a getaway is needed!
More on all that later...

Todays post is on an adventure Jane had recently when my aunt came to visit. We toured Atlanta, visited some shops, visited Maman, and had some delicious food at my favorite, Houston's.

Road trip tunage, newly purchased Adele 21.

My FAV thai steak noodle salad.

We visited Kravet @ ADAC.

SO MANY fabrics. How to choose?!

Jane has developed a taste for mink. Oh la la!

I immediately thought of Pink Girl when I saw this cute fabric from Ralph Lauren!

Pink Girl! It's PINK fans:) Check out:
 Okay, just so you'll have a taste here is the latest photo of Bennet. Personally I like to have space to spread out but I suppose he likes feeling secure. It's his little nest. :)
I hope you have a lovely week. I plan to post again this week. I've got lots to share and I'll have TONS next week as Jane, Maman, and I are going on an adventure.

Have a bright day!
b. girl

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