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Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Find

From the tender age of two I have been extremely opinionated on my entire wardrobe. My poor mother had to deal with a child who refused to wear certain shoes, socks, and clothes in general as they were deemed too "rusty." After a while she just let me wear what I wanted which was pretty much dresses, patent leather mary janes, and ruffley socks every day. It wasn't until high school that I began wearing denim.  When school P.E. teachers would call home saying I needed to wear sneakers and pants to school for their class she said 'you give it a try, good luck."
While I don't have a tantrum about my clothes anymore(well..maybe not as frequently;}) I do love beautiful things and looking feminine as much as possible. I must say whenever I see little girls mary janes that are pink and covered in glitter I am a little jealous that I can't wear them anymore...or at least so I thought.
Last year I discovered London/French Sole and really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful, feminine ballet flats they have in their line. I love that they are so individual and really embody vintage fashion and fine craftsmanship. Who wouldn't want to wear one of these confectionary delights?
A store near my work, Ann Mashburn, carries Pretty Ballerinas which are very similar but they have a larger selection of feminine flat ballets. I've picked out several favorites already from perusing their website. Shockingly I do not have a single pair of pink shoes in my shoe wardrobe.
I love these! Pink glitter
These are really pretty too. Gold mesh web.
          They have funky applique shoes too. These are pretty cute:)

I found Oxford is Heaven on Etsy last year whilst looking for Marie Antoinette inspired shoes. I love vintage fashion, especially the intricacy of 17th and 18th century atelier clothing.
They are sooo pretty. I really want to have a party now so I can dress up!
Leafield Marie Antoinette Hot Pink Heels


I hope you've enjoyed looking at these lovely things. Let me know what your favorites are!
Your beautifully bright sole mate,
b girl

Here are the links to the listed brands:

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