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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bennet's Day Off

Hello All!
I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day holiday weekend. Cheeseburgers and corn on the cob were a welcome end of the day for us.
A few weeks ago I took Mr. Bennet to the Dogma For the Love of Dogs Festival in Smyrna. He was sooo excited he could hardly wait to get in the car!

Other than the drive to our house after his adoption I've never been in the car with him and since Mr. Darcy is still quite new I was very nervous about driving with Bennet in the car. However, he was awesome. Jumped right up in the seat and layed down. He did get up a few times but whenever I said sit he sat down!

Ready when you are
Oooh. We're on our way now!
Jane came too but it was a little hectic with all those dogs on leashes so she wasn't too social.

Lucky for us we have lots of doggy families and Bennet was able to make some friends! Kayla and Dozer came with their mom and dad. Such fun.

This is Cassie. We thought she was so funny hanging out on that table. Super cute accessorizing by the way.

I was very excited to introduce Bennet to an off the leash dog park. He was hestitant at first but I got him to run around and even walk across the agility bridge. However...

..after a few minutes he would randomly walk up to strangers and wait to be rubbed. Even when we were walking around the festival he begged for pats. Of course that's my dog. He'll take a rub wherever he can get it.

Our friend Lady came to visit too! Bennet has made so many doggy friends today:)

After all that lovin' and attention plus running around and socializing we. were. pooped!

What kind of activities do you like to do with your pooch??
b. girl


  1. Oh he is such a good boy Glad he had fun!! Give him a kiss for me.

  2. He had such fun! I'll give him some shuga and tell him the girls say hello:)